Toxic Chemicals In Your Cosmetics

What Is Your Skin Absorbing?

When you place any skin care or cosmetics product on your skin, your skin absorbs that product. If the product is made with synthetic or toxic chemicals, your skin will absorb those toxins as well. Although your skin is designed to be a protective barrier, it is porous and will absorb the ingredients in many skin care and cosmetics products. Regular use of chemical laden ingredients will cause the body to store these chemicals. Over time this accumulation can cause many health issues.

Avoid Putting Harmful Chemicals On Your Skin

Take the time to read the labels on the skin care and cosmetics products you are purchasing. Where possible, seek out skin care products that contain all natural ingredients. The label on most commercially sold skin care and bath products will include a list of ingredients that you may not recognize. The infographic below sheds some light on these ingredients and the health effects they may have on your body over time.

Chemicals in Skin Care Products