Natural Skin Care Infographic – 26 Seconds For Chemicals to Enter Your Blood Stream

Natural Skin Care Products Are Best!















Natural Skin Care Infographic - 26 Seconds Is All It Takes For Chemicals in Your Personal Care Products to Enter Your Blood Stream.
What's In Your Skin Care Products? Or Better Yet, What's Not In Your Skin Care Products?

Mud Mask Rap Promotes Natural Skin Care

The Mud Mask Rap - a different approach to getting the message out.

Daily skin care is a challenge for most people, especially those of us with issues such as acne, large pores and skin that shows signs of aging - pretty much everyone on the planet.

We wrote some lyrics and gave them to rap artist JMoon to put to his beats. We love what he came up with. Is this a first? A skin care rap? Get your mud mask on!

You can watch this video on YouTube here: Mud Mask Rap

Dead Sea Mud Mask Video Review and Demonstration

Charlotte's Review of the Dead Sea Mud Mask by Pure & Essential Minerals.
In this demonstration and review Charlotte talks about her search for an all natural facial mask and how the Dead Sea Mud Mask is working for her sensitive skin type.

You can see the video on our you tube channel here:

Mud Mask Review

Choosing the Best Facial Masks for Great Skin

All Natural Facial Mud MaskUsing a facial mask successfully goes beyond an occasional pampering or a yearly visit to the spa. The most beautiful looking people use a facial mask at home to have radiant skin all the time. To find the best facial masks for great skin, you need to search for pure snd natural ingredients that work for your skin type. Avoid artificial additives and choose a facial mask with quality elements such as essential oils and natural clay.
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Mud Mask User Review and Testimonial

Morgan reviews the Dead Sea Mud Mask and demonstrates how she applies the mud mask for her weekly facial treatment. The Pure & Essential Minerals mud mask is more liquid than many other mud masks which means it is both easier to apply and less drying on the skin.

You can see the video on YouTube here: Mud Mask Review


Bar Refaeli Slathers Dead Sea Mud on Her Perfect Body

Bar Refaeli at the Dead SeaAs one of the world's hottest models, Bar Refaeli is hyper-aware of the best products the beauty world has to offer. But, the 26-year-old model shuns conventions and goes back to basics, regularly slathering herself in one of the most renowned beauty treatments available - black mud from the Dead Sea. Bar posted pictures on her Twitter page which showed her covered from head to toe in the Dead Sea Mud Mask that people travel from all over the world to sample.
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The Dead Sea Mud Mask Gallery

This is what it looks like when you slather your face with mud!

It may seem extreme, but the Dead Sea mud mask is well-known for offering the most luxurious deep cleanse facial and leaves your skin feeling super soft and clean. Why else would we put mud on our faces on cue every week?


mud mask girls

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The Power of Dead Sea Minerals and Mud is Discussed by The Doctor’s

The Doctor's discuss the power and beneficial qualities of Dead Sea Minerals and Dead Sea Mud in their popular TV Show. They demonstrate the use of Dead Sea Mud on the skin and talk about the World's largest natural health spa, the Dead Sea, located between Israel and Jordan and how its mineral-rich water and mud cures skin conditions like acne, eczema, psoriasis and is used as an anti-aging spa therapy.


You can see the full video on our YouTube channel here: Benefits of Dead Sea Minerals and Mud

Men’s Skin Care – Get Your Mud Mask On!

Men's Skin Care Face Mask

Traditionally, men spend less time caring for their skin than women do. They also spend more time damaging their skin through hazardous work conditions and rugged outdoor activities.
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What is a Facial Mud Mask?

Natural Facial Mud MaskA facial mud mask is actually a type of clay mask or mineral-rich mud mask used as a beauty treatment for the skin on the face. The mask is spread evenly on the face, left on for the specific amount of time as stated in the instructions until dry, and gently wiped off with warm water and a washcloth. [Read more...]