Natural Skin Care Tips 101

Skin Care Tips

Natural Skin Care 101

The Skin is our largest organ.

Many of us think of our skin as an external barrier for our bodies, separate from the rest of our bodily functions and not connected to our internal organs in any way. But our skin is really an open gateway to every part of the body: the blood, tissue, organs, nervous system, reproductive tract and brain.

While the skin is a good barrier to keep life-giving water inside and life-threatening bacteria and viruses outside, it does not prevent some chemicals from entering and accumulating in the body. For this reason, the many petrochemicals and artificial ingredients present in many skin care products are a major concern.

The Purest Body

When we are young, our bodies are clean and pristine - a natural ecosystem designed to thrive and receive live-giving elements from the external world. As we grow up and age and regularly use commercial skin care products, we’re exposed to foreign chemicals that our body cannot use as building blocks, and that accumulate inside us, that kill our enzymes and damage our DNA.

Sources of Chemical Exposure

Its common sense that the things we eat end up inside us. The products we put on our skin also end up inside us, but they can be more dangerous than what we eat. Why?

Direct Absorption

Everything we eat that gets absorbed in our gut goes directly to our liver. The primary purpose of our liver is to filter out toxic chemicals present in our diet and excrete them back into our intestine for elimination. This prevents circulation throughout our bodies where they can do the most damage.

Chemicals absorbed through your skin go directly into your blood and are instantly circulated throughout the rest of your body, organs, tissue, nervous system and reproductive tract. These chemicals now have the opportunity to stay in your blood for a much longer time. They often bioaccumulate and further harm your regular biological processes that are designed to keep you young and healthy.

How much and how often do you use particular skin care products? What about the moisturizer you keep at your bedside? Your deodorant? Shampoo? Sunscreen? It’s easy to understand; the more you use a given product, the more you expose yourself to chemicals that have no business being inside your body. Because these chemicals are not a natural part of who you are, they negatively impact your normal biological functions that keep you young and healthy. Exposure to these chemicals over the duration of your life accelerates aging and disease. You are better off without them.

The deceptive element of petrochemical exposure in personal skin care care products is that it doesn’t make you sick right away. It happens slowly over time - the decades of constant exposure to the chemical and artificial ingredients in your ‘favorite’ body butter or moisturizer gradually wears your body down and incrementally harms the processes of regeneration, youth and health.

There’s no reason to take that risk because Pure & Essential Minerals natural skin care products are here for you. You can feel confident our all-natural products protect your health, wellness and longevity.