How to Apply a Face Mask?

Applying a face mask once a week can improve your skin’s health and appearance. A face mask can also help prevent premature aging and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Although good daily skin care is the basis for radiant looking skin, the regular application of a face mask, with its higher concentrations of active ingredients, is a good way to boost the vitality of your skin. The regular use of a face mask will also help refine the skin’s texture and naturally minimize pores.

Since the Dead Sea Mud Mask contains very concentrated levels of minerals, remember to use your face mask only once a week for maximum benefits. If you use your face mask more than once a week, you may dehydrate the skin.

See the Difference a Face Mask Can Make on Your Skin
After a rejuvenating face mask, your skin will feel softer – as if you have just come from a spa treatment – and look better toned and refreshed.
You will see the improvement in your skin’s tone and color. Your face mask treatment will also help prevent any signs of aging.

How to Apply the Mask:

1. Prepare to make the least amount of mess possible.
Wear clothing you don't mind getting messy – facial masks can stain clothes.
Apply the mask in the bathroom so that any mess can be cleaned up easily. Use hair clips or a hair band to keep hair away from the face.

2. Wash the face with warm water.
This is important, as any makeup, dirt, and oil can prevent getting all the benefits the mask was intended for.
Washing with warm water will also open up the pores. Soak a wash cloth in warm water and put it directly on the face for a couple of minutes. Dry your face after washing.

3. Apply the facial mask.
Open the Dead Sea Mud Mask jar and using clean hands, pat a medium layer of mud onto the face.
Be careful to avoid the eyes and lips. Wash your hands after application.

4. Wait and relax.
Leave the mask on for 10 minutes or more. The mask will completely dry on your face and begin to draw out any impurities or grime in the pores.
Your skin will also begin to incorporate the essential minerals and natural essential oils contained in the mask. You can leave the mask on for up to 20 minutes.

5. Remove the facial mask.
Apply some warm water to the mask and gently rub in a circular motion to exfoliate the skin.
Wash the mask off using warm water and a wash cloth; be sure all of it is removed. Close the pores by splashing your face with cold water.

Some More Tips:

  • Do not talk, move your face, or pick at the mask with your fingers, as it will crack the mask.
  • Do not get the mask in your mouth.
  • Remove the mask immediately with warm water if it gets in your eyes or your face is itchy.
  • Do not apply the mask too thickly, or it will not dry.

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