Choosing the Best Facial Masks for Great Skin

All Natural Facial Mud MaskUsing a facial mask successfully goes beyond an occasional pampering or a yearly visit to the spa. The most beautiful looking people use a facial mask at home to have radiant skin all the time. To find the best facial masks for great skin, you need to search for pure snd natural ingredients that work for your skin type. Avoid artificial additives and choose a facial mask with quality elements such as essential oils and natural clay.

Define Your Skin Type

There are four basic skin types – oily, dry, normal and combination. You may also have sensitive and/or acne-prone skin. Oily skin has a constant sheen and may be prone to blemishes. Dry skin can often feel taut or tight with flaky patches. Normal skin tens to have a slight sheen and can occasionally have blemishes or dry patches. Combination skin has some oily areas and some dry areas. Typically the t-zone around the chin, nose and forehead are oilier than the cheeks which are drier. Acne-prone skin often has blemishes, dark spots and clogged pores with blackheads or whiteheads. Sensitive skin easily breaks out or shows signs of irritation. Use a facial mask that works well with your particular skin type.

Clay or Mud Facial Masks Deep Cleanse and Eliminate Toxins

For centuries people have used a clay or mud mask for a smoother complexion. Clay and mud deeply cleanses your skin and eliminates toxins. It can also reduce oil, minimize pores and help clear up breakouts. Clay does not necessarily have to be brown. Imported clay can be white, green or red. Each one has its own unique properties to leave your skin feeling cleaner and ready for moisturizer.

Peel-Off Facial Masks

A facial mask is often rinsed off with warm water after being left on your face for 15 or 20 minutes. There are also peel-off facial masks made from natural ingredients such as honey. They replenish moisture, reduce the size of your pores and clear out clogged pores. After the mask dries for a certain period of time, it is gently peeled off your face to take off the dirt and makeup embedded in your pores.

Moisturizing Facial Masks

While some people want to eliminate oily skin and breakouts, others want to replenish the moisture in their skin. Moisturizing facial masks typically have a creamy texture and are left on for up to a half hour. Many moisturizing masks contain essential oils such as argan oil. Others have healing aloe vera to get rid of dry patches and soothe sensitive areas of your face. Using these facials masks can give you a more youthful appearance over time. Certain masks can also be used to tone your skin and even out skin tone, such as facial masks that contain seaweed. They boost your circulation and improve oxygenation for a soft and clear appearance.

Using facial masks makes the most of the skin you’re in. They can remove bacteria and cleanse your skin so it becomes blemish-free. Facial masks can also reduce pores and leave your skin smoother. You can even add moisture to dry skin by choosing the right facial mask to add to your regular skin care routine.